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Breastfeeding Promotes Normal Dental Development

Galán-Gónzalez AF, Aznar-Martín T, Cabrera-Domínguez ME, Domínguez-Reyes A.

Breastfed infants have more normal dental development and less orthodontic problems than bottle-fed infants. Breastfed children have less malformation of the teeth than Bottle Feeding children.


Abstract Objective: A study was made of the influence of breastfeeding and bottle feeding on development of the dental arches and occlusion in an infant population. Subjects and Methods: In total, 298 infants (163 girls and 135 boys) were selected from a series of 1,643 preschool children in Seville, Spain, evaluating the type of feeding received after birth (breastfeeding only or bottle feeding only), the duration of such feeding, and its influence upon the parameters that define occlusion of the dental arches. The study comprised a full exploration of the stomatognathic system of the infants and a questionnaire for the parents. SPSS Statistical Package software (SPSS, Inc., Chicago, IL) was used to analyze the results. Results: In total, 109 children were exclusively breastfed (36.6%) for an average of 6.8±5.8 months, whereas 189 children were exclusively bottle fed (63.4%) for an average of 17.99±11.5 months. On comparing the occlusal parameters of the two groups, the most beneficial effects (straight terminal plane, canine class I relationship, diastemas, and primate spaces) corresponded to the infants who were breastfed.

Conclusions: Breastfed infants show better development of the dental arches and a lesser incidence of dental occlusion disorders than bottle-fed infants.


1 Integrated Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of Seville , Seville, Spain . Breastfeed Med. 2014 Jan-Feb;9(1):24-8. doi: 10.1089/bfm.2013.0027. Epub 2013 Aug 28.

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